Clear Your Cart

101.7 The Beach wants to Clear Your Cart!

Question: Have you shopped online with Amazon?

Most Common Answer: YES!

 Question: Do you still have wish items sitting in your Amazon Cart, hoping one day to purchase them?

Most Common Answer: YES!


We figured! Therefore, 101.7 The Beach wants to buy those items for you and help Clear Your Cart! So, if you would like us to Clear Your Cart, up to $500, then listen each weekday for the Clear Your Cart keywords to text in to qualify. When you do, you’ll be entered for the weekly prize of $500 to use to Clear Your Cart!

 Number to Text in to Qualify: 844-500-8946

 When to Listen: Monday through Friday from August 9th – August 27th

 How many winners are we drawing to Clear Your Cart? 3! We will draw one winner each week and contact him/her by the cell phone number used to text in to qualify.

Good Luck, from 101.7 The Beach!